Audi is reportedly building an electric luxury sedan to take on Tesla by 2020

Audi Prologue AvantAudi

Audi is getting serious about electric cars.

The automaker’s chief executive has given the OK for an all-electric, luxury sedan to take on Tesla’s Model S, according to a report from Autocar.

The car, which may be called the A9 e-tron, will have three electric motors, a range of more than 300 miles per charge, and will also feature level four autonomous driving, according to the report.

Stadler told Autocar that Audi will have three EVs in its line-up by 2020 and by 2025 it plans to have 25% of the cars it sells will have batteries.

In January, Audi committed to building an all-electric SUV  based off of its e-tron quattro concept, which was revealed last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company plans to begin production on the SUV by 2018.

Stadler said that the production version of the e-tron quattro will go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds and will have a top speed of 131 miles per hour.

One of the e-tron quattro’s most impressive functions is its inductive charging feature. This allows users to re-charge the vehicle by parking it over a re-charging plate, instead of having to plug it in.

According to the report, the new electric sedan will also have the inductive charging feature, as well as an autonomous parking function that enables the car to drive itself to a parking spot with a charging plate.

Audi E-tron quattroAudi’s e-tron quattro concept.Audi

Audi isn’t the only car maker ramping up its push into the electric car market.

Porsche, which is a sister company of Audi, plans to roll out a production version of its all electric car concept, the Mission E. Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Volvo and others are also planning to have their electric cars ready by 2020.

Tesla isn’t just getting competition for its higher-end vehicles, though.

The electric car maker’s first mass market car, the Model 3, will also be going up against General Motors Chevy Bolt. And the Bolt, which is expected to go into production before the end of this year, will have a year head start on the Model 3, which isn’t expected to go into production until late 2017.


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