Siri challenges Google’s entire search empire and shakes it to the foundation

Noch vor zwei Wochen gab Steve Wozniak in seinem Interview bekannt, er wünsche sich „Answer Engines“. Jetzt ist dieser Begriff das Buzz Word im Silicon Valley.

Apple brachte mit der Einführung des Iphone 4S (for Steve) die Spracherkennungssoftware Siri unter die IOS 5 Nutzer.

Welches Innovationspotential liegt dahinter? Mr. Morgenthaler klärt auf.

  • „Siri’s threat to Google could reach further than Android. In fact, Siri challenges Google’s entire search empire and shakes it to the foundation“
  • “Google has made a huge contribution to all of our lives … they’ve made search comprehensive and instantaneous … but the whole paradigm is wrong,” “[People] don’t want a million blue links, they want one correct answer. All the rest is noise that you’d rather have go away.“
  • “Apple has the opportunity to really understand the question that you’re asking, and apply semantic knowledge such that [Siri] will deliver you the right answer, or a small set of highly relevant answers.”
  • When that happens, Morgenthaler says, all the steps that typically comprise an online search, including the ads served against search results, become completely irrelevant.
  • He believes Apple can and will circumvent this search experience, passing consumers to merchants by way of Siri — and earning a finders fee for doing so. Under this paradigm, Google could be completely forgotten.
  • In short, forget the search engine — Siri will be an answer engine. She can perform executable actions and change consumer expectations in the process.

Was ist siri? Welche technik steckt dahinter?
Die Technologie, die Apple vor einiger Zeit erwart, stammt aus militärischer Forschung und sollte Soldaten erlauben, im Kampf die Hände frei zu halten und trotzdem ihre Ausrüstung steuern zu können.

Seit wann spukt der Spirit von Siri schon in den Köpfen der Apple Entwickler?
ein sehr interessanter Fund aus dem Jahr 1987 (!), eines offiziellen Apple-Produktvideos



  • the “Knowledge Navigator” — a suped-up, tuxedo-ed personal assistant that users manipulate by way of voice and touch. According to the video, the personal assistant connects with all the major networks, features two-way videoconferencing, and helps you keep appointments, find, converge, and share documents — the works. It’s quite a feat considering the Apple IIGS had just been released the previous year.
  • Basically, The Knowledge Navigator predicts touch technology, the iPad, iPhone, Skype, FaceTime — and Siri. All in one talking, well-dressed device. The savvy technologists among us may be well aware of the progenitors and technological precursors to these devices and services, but here we have very real confirmation that Siri (and Apple products as a whole) have been in gestation in the minds of Apple’s wizards since (at least) 1987.



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